Hi, I’m Stuart Hahn.

I am a generalist who is good at a lot of things.

My passion is simply trying hard.

I’m the type of person that puts my best effort into everything. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but my measure of success will always be, “Did I do my best?”

My background is non-traditional:

  • High school English teacher
  • Professional gamer (ranked #3 on the global leaderboard for Madden)
  • Full-time partnered Twitch Broadcaster (300+ concurrent nightly viewers)
  • Co-founder, co-president of Smart Madden (acquired by Muthead)
  • Community Manager
  • Host of the Muthead Podcast (8000+ weekly listeners)
  • Program Director
  • Head of Operations

On this blog, I write about strategies and systems for rapid improvement at any skill.

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